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Thursday, January 6th, 2005
7:58 pm - Ordinary
I failed my seatwork in chemistry...again..
nagaral naman ako ah lagi nalang ako...ako.....ako!!!!
Same usual day parin..eat nanaman ako ng eat kaya d pumapayat...
NAgtraining ulit me sa vball after a month.
sobra kakapagod grabeeeee....i quit...
crap tlga life ko lately....

I'm in vain again...
last nyt i slept 2am and woke up 6am
i dont know what decision to make anymore
there are a lot of things bothering....
God pls help me....wer r u?.......
I suffer, i sacrifice, i wait, i expect, i love, im even hurt..
wat a life filled with love but not filled with a good future..
y not change...maybe il try...maybe not...maybe il not just try but do it
Thank you for the person who hurts me a lot bec u tot me how to take care of myself....tho i myt stil not be able to achieve everything...thanks for the first step..
Here i am sittin down..waiting...stil bearing the pain inside me
cant take it out bec he said/he showd me dat m wrong..am i? i dont know...
i really dont...i dont know wats next for me
i myt as well wait...

current mood: confused

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
9:56 pm - Waiting in vain
i'm here alone in front of my computer waiting for someone
somone very special...someone whom i love ...someone whos abt to break me apart
i wish all my wishes could come true
so that i wouldnt get hurt and suffer snymore...
not just wit the ppl around me...
but also to the journey of my life
i know i couldnt depend on wishes
i know that i should do something to achieve what i want in my life
i know...i know
i just couldnt fulfill it...
im doing something but its not enough
oh why is it so hard to deal with life...
a very complicated life of
Angelica Inocencio...
Pls pray for me....

current mood: pessimistic

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7:24 pm - My first entry
Nothing new in life
Another school day
Bunch of lessons to learn
to be continued...hahaha

current mood: busy

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